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Allison Baker

Artist’s Statement:  EPHEMERAL (Momentary Signposts)   

Allison Baker, Artist and In. Art Show JudgeMy creative research is firmly rooted in feminist scholarship; my goal is to actualize abstract theoretical concepts as tangible objects and experiences mediated and documented through sound and video to push the boundaries of both academic research and public education in our precious post-digital moment.  Utilizing sculpture, video, new media, and medical narrative of “environmental illness” to examine the competing scientific paradigms that currently, but contradictorily, define and govern the “health” and “normalcy” of our post-digital bodies and homes.

Rita Dungey

Rita DungeyArtist Statement: 

Painting and creating images is both an inward and outward journey for me.   My abstract and representational images are inspired by a variety of sources and processes.  I start a painting with complete openness.  Sometimes I have a specific plan involving conventional composition and traditional methods.  At other times, my paintings develop somewhat on their own.  I trust how a composition will unfold and where it will take me.  Freedom to create with unlimited possibilities and the bonus element of discovery are part of my creative process.

Steve Forseth

Steve ForsethArtists Statement:  

Working with various materials can be a positive challenge.  Each has its own way of displaying characteristics of a particular subject. The medium can shape the identity of what I am trying to reveal. Creating and working with compositions that form their own identity gives me great satisfaction.


  • BA in Art Education from Augsburg College 1967
  • Graduate studies in Fine Arts at University of Minnesota  1968-1970
  • Summer Scholarship Recipient to Minneapolis College of Art and Design  1969

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