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Allison Baker

Artist’s Statement:  EPHEMERAL (Momentary Signposts)   

Allison Baker, Artist and In. Art Show JudgeMy creative research is firmly rooted in feminist scholarship; my goal is to actualize abstract theoretical concepts as tangible objects and experiences mediated and documented through sound and video to push the boundaries of both academic research and public education in our precious post-digital moment.  Utilizing sculpture, video, new media, and medical narrative of “environmental illness” to examine the competing scientific paradigms that currently, but contradictorily, define and govern the “health” and “normalcy” of our post-digital bodies and homes.

Greg Lecker

Greg Lecker, Artist and In. Art Show Judge.Artists Statement:  

Greg Lecker paints landscapes en plein air (in the open air).  Having applied the medium of light as an architectural lighting designer for thirty years, Greg captures the changing atmosphere in man-made and natural settings in art filled with color, motion, and emotion.  He communicates his experiences in “real-time” with passersby and shares oil paintings with gallery visitors and visitors to trigger memories of favorite places or make introductions for newly discovered treasures.

Rurik Hover

RurikArtist Statement:  My work has been called “Dark Pop,” as it focuses on manipulating imagery to fit a particular, and often non-rectangular surface to create a sense of intimacy between the viewer and the object. I use a photorealistic style because I believe in the beauty of reality and the details present in every object. However, I prefer to manipulate my images, through color, scale, juxtaposition or contrast to create something more than just a painting of a photograph.

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