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The Cole Foundation

The Cole Foundation

Children's Organization of Lending Equipment

Families with children with disabilities face multiple barriers in providing their child with the adaptive equipment they need to aid in and promote continued development. Adaptive equipment is costly and insurance companies frequently do not cover the much-needed items. Private Insurance and Minnesota Medical Assistance often denies claims or takes months, sometimes up to a year, to approve the equipment. In this waiting game the child has grown and often will need different adaptive equipment. The COLE Foundation strives to meet this need at no cost to the families.

How We Help Kids

Adaptive Equipment enables children to be more independent, play with friends and siblings, participate in meal and bath times, safely move from their school to their home, change positions with more ease and comfort, and move more often to be healthier, active children.
COLE serves children with disabilities and their families in Minnesota and Western Wisconsin.

Our Mission

Children’s Organization of Lending Equipment is a 501c3 Non-Profit Organization. Our Mission is to connect costly adaptive equipment from children with disabilities who outgrow the equipment to other children who need it, at no cost. COLE provides a resource for families to browse and then Lend from our library of equipment.

Our Vision

Our vision is that all available adaptive equipment outgrown by children with special needs is donated to be lent out to a child who could use it. We believe each child will reach their full potential because they have the adaptive equipment they need to learn, move, play and grow. We are here to ease the financial burden on families of purchasing high cost adaptive equipment not otherwise covered by private insurance or medical assistance. Our vision includes purchasing new and difficult to obtain equipment through donations

Thank you for helping Children’s Organization of Lending Equipment vision to become a reality.


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The Cole Foundation is the proud sponsor of:

Through Her Eyes - A Duo Exhibit by Emily Quandahl & CeCe Peterson

Through Her Eyes sponsored by the Cole Foundation