Greg Lecker, artist

Greg Lecker

Greg Lecker paints landscapes en plein air (in the open air).  Having applied the medium of light as an architectural lighting designer for thirty years, Greg captures the changing atmosphere in man-made and natural settings in art filled with color, motion, and emotion.  He communicates his experiences in “real-time” with passersby and shares oil paintings with gallery visitors and visitors to trigger memories of favorite places or make introductions for newly discovered treasures.

Greg explains that people prefer dynamic light to static light – and that is why painting outdoors appeals to him.  We are moved by changes in light intensity, color temperature (cool light, warm light) and also color and saturation.  At every day’s sunrise, the moving sun draws us with its hue and saturation, and next by the long shadows it casts.  The diffuse and omnidirectional light of overcast and fog offers counterpoint.  We are drawn to silvery back-lit clouds and fog creeping across a water body or field.   Winter light draws colorful shadows and sparkle across snow and ice.  

Greg savors a place for several hours while rendering it in a palette of rich neutrals and pure colors – and the time and place is fixed in his mind.  In large part, it’s the adrenalin rush of racing the moving light source and its shadows.

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