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Chuck Roelofs

Chuck Roelofs
 I first picked up a camera almost 7 years ago and fell in love with photography right away...Being legally blind, I thought that there really was no way that I could ever be taken seriously as a photographer...I feel very fortunate to have had the success I've had in the relatively short time I have been doing photography...From winning a People's Choice Award at the IN Art Show at Hallberg Center for the Arts in 2017 to shooting various portrait sessions to a couple of weddings to my most recent achievement in hosting a small exhibition in December 2019 as well as an appearance on Fox 9 Maury's Stories segment...I have also been very successful at selling my work and this is where my heart lies...Knowing that my work is out there in people's homes and businesses is something I'm very proud of and very thankful for the continued support from my family and friends.
Chuck Roelofs
Forest Lake
Autumn Melancholy
Branching Out
Morning Hues
In Living Color
Mysterious Fog
Purple Majesty
Spring Fever
Glory Shines
Morning Peek A Boo
Winter Fog
In A Mood
Hues Of Blue