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The sixth annual In. Art Show & Competition opens August 19, 2021. 

Hallberg Center for the Arts
Hallberg Center for the Arts

In. Art Show & Competition

a juried and judged art competition

The In. Art Show & Competition will award $3,800 in this 6th annual uncatagorized art vs art competition. Presented by the Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community, the opening ceremony and award announcements will be held at the Hallberg Center for the Arts, in Wyoming, MN on August 19, 2021. 

On August 19, prior to the show opening, our judges will walk through the exhibit, critiquing and collaborating, then deciding which of these beautiful pieces of artwork will win.

And the Winners Are:

Judge's Choice:

"Xuav Soul Necklace" Yeeleng Vue

"Leaf IN the Big Lake" Anne Legeros

"Snowfence"  Susan Solomon

Artistic Excellence:

"Mastermind of Infinite Chaos" Cole Vittetoe

"Remember Forgotten Emotions" Emily McKenzie

"Memories of Sedona" Barbara Van Dell Robinson

"The Voice" Suyao Tian

Artistic Merit: 

"Chicago From 1000 Feet" Tomas Alvarez

"Glory Days" Kevin Komandina 

"2020, A Fiasco" Todd Thyberg

"Rainbow/Reticello" Isaac Theobald

Director's Choice:

"Beauty and the Beast" Claire Fix

People's Choice: 

Voting happening until September 17!

Visitors throughout the exhibit duration will have the opportunity to vote for their favorite pieces as well, with People's Choice awards being announced on the final day of the exhibit.

The Underground Gallery of the art center will feature artwork by the judges and Wyoming Area Creative Arts Community directors to give people some perspective into the minds of the judges and directors.  Stop by the art center and see one of the most powerful art exhibits ever displayed in the region.


Judges:  Steven Forseth, Alison Baker, and Rita Dungey

Awards: ($3,800 total):

  • Three (3) Judges Choice Awards - $500 each
  • Four (4) Artistic Excellence Awards - $200 each
  • Four (4) Artistic Merit Awards - $100 each
  • One (1) Directors Choice Award - $500
  • People's Choice Awards (Voting will extend through the length of the exhibit)
  • 1st Place - $300
  • 2nd Place - $200
  • 3rd Place - $100

WACAC Board and Event Committee members are not eligible to win prizes.

Art Show Feedback

Let us know what you think about the In. Art Show & Competition.  We really appreciate your feed back!

If you are requesting to reserve a piece of artwork for purchase, please include the artist's name and your phone number.

*Note: This form will not work for People's Choice Voting

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